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Newnice Narrow Baby Gate

Newnice Narrow Baby Gate

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šŸ‘¼ šššš«š«šØš° šššš›š² š†ššš­šž - The baby gate with cat door is 30 Inch tall and 26.7-29.5 Inch wide. Easy walk thru pet gate is perfect for narrow stairways, bedroom doors, hallways, kitchen and other off-limit areas inside your home for better child or pet safety.Ā 
šŸ‘¼ šššš›š² š†ššš­šž š°š¢š­š” ššžš­ šƒšØšØš« - The small pet door is 7.5 x 7 inches. It is easy for pets to pass through and separate pets to stop them from fighting!!! Ideal for families with children and multiple pets. The gap of the cat gate for stairs is only 2.4", which can prevent pets from squeezing. Newnice baby gate is a good choice for pet owners & new parents.
šŸ‘¼ š‡šžšššÆš²-šƒš®š­š² šŒšžš­ššš„ - Our pet gates for dogs are made of high-quality ABS material, which is more durable than others brand. The dog gate can defend up to 150-210lb hits like Husky, Alaska, etc. Never fear the dog jumping over the gate. You do not need to worry about this dog gate being pushed down and hurting your child.
šŸ‘¼ š„ššš¬š² š­šØ šˆš§š¬š­ššš„š„ & š€š®š­šØ-š‚š„šØš¬šž - Pressure mounted baby gate with pet door for cats, no tools required. It is super easy and fast. You can open it with one hand, even while holding a baby. Auto-close pet gate with cat door, no worries about forgetting to lock the safety gate, it will automatically close less than 90Ā°.
šŸ‘¼ šƒšØš®š›š„šž š’šššŸšžš­š² š’š²š¬š­šžš¦ - Newnice baby dog gate for stairs with door has a double safety door lock system, which can be easily opened by adults but not by the baby, effectively allowing the baby to move within a safe range.

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